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Dark Roast Signature Blend

Dark Roast Signature Blend

Rumi Rose Teas

Blessed by the Zikr of the Naqshbandi Sufi Center.

This blend was crafted to pair uniquely with the sweet characteristics of milk and cream. A resonant body and deep fruity acidity help this coffee stay structured when sipped "con latte." Taste molasses, pecan, and hints of banana in this Golden Bean North America medal-winning coffee. We love this blend for its versatility, so brew in the style of your preference. This blend typifies the kind of coffee roasted for generations and is the featured Drip blend at Rumi Rose Cafe. Brewed drip-style, it smooths to a rich and refined cup. We know you'll enjoy every sip of our Signature Dark Roast.

Characteristics: Harmonious | Molasses | Pecan | Banana
Primary Origins: Peru | El Salvador | Uganda


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