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Turkish Fine Teaware Set, 18 piece set for 6

Turkish Fine Teaware Set, 18 piece set for 6

Rumi Rose Teas

This Turkish cup set is the best choice for a pleasant tea time with six tea sets. You can also serve coffee and espresso to your guests with these glass tea cups to drink together.

The teacup and saucer set is made of premium quality raw glass material and crafted by artisans and painted with premium paints by skilled crafters in Turkey. 

This Turkish tea set is a beautiful gift for your loved ones; the vintage tea set and decorative arts will inspire joy and happiness to drink and share tea; the teacup and saucer set comes in their unique box.

Turkish Tea:

It is hard to imagine breakfasts, social gatherings, business meetings, negotiations for carpets in the Grand Bazaar, or ferry rides across the Bosphorus in Turkey without the presence of tea. With tea servers in streets, shopping malls, and parks shouting, “ÇAY!” (chai), the beverage is always within shouting distance. It is fundamental to Turkish social life.

Made in Turkey
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Instructions for use:
Products are produced especially against blackening.
Do not use chemical-containing products for cleaning.
Do not wash in the dishwasher.
Just wash with water.
Please do not leave it wet.
Wipe with a dry cloth

Set of 18 pieces for six people ( 6 teacups + 6 saucers + 6 Cup Lid) Turkish Tea Cups Lid Set

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